Elisabeth Pickle



Mindfulness Consultant 

For 20+ years, I’ve empowered individuals, families, and businesses with the estate plans and brand protections they need. But I don’t just talk about the importance of estate “life” planning. I’ve lived it.

Don’t Bet The Farm

The first lesson I learned from estate planning was a tough one. 

As a newly licensed young lawyer, I watched the devastation my own family experienced when a relative lost the family farm after receiving the bequest in my grandfather’s will. 

The worst part? I was the attorney who drafted his will. Had I understood then the power of asset protection planning using trusts, things would have turned out much differently. 

After that experience, I wanted to commit my life to helping others avoid similar experiences.

Lesson learned

I almost left the practice of law, though.... 

Despite all the education from Trinity University (B.A. Pre-Medical Sciences, 1994) and New England Law (J.D., 1999) that I had completed for my career, I felt frustrated with myself. 

But instead of leaving the profession entirely, I enrolled in and completed Jon Kabat Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course at UMass Medical School. There I learned the components of a mindful and compassionate work environment. 

And it might sound cliche to say it changed my life - but it did. 

A renewed focus

Mindful “Life Planning”

From the mindful principles I learned, I founded our compassionate and intentional law firm, Mindful Counsel®.

Today my focus is on mindful “life planning.” Because that’s what we are truly trying to accomplish: planning for your life, protecting everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve during your life, and taking care of all the people you’ve loved and protected with your life.



About mindfulcounsel®

Let’s create a plan for your life. 

Mindful Counsel® offers a full suite of legal life planning services, but nothing about our approach feels like a traditional law firm.

We offer education and resources to empower people to make the best decisions and protect their families and their assets. Estate planning can often feel confusing, so we offer monthly events such as Mindful Hike Legal Chats in the Sonoran Desert, complimentary reviews of estate plans, and a VIP membership. We also offer an online vault that allows clients to build and preserve their legacies.

Estate and “life” planning covers everything from personal planning to asset protection for your heirs and business assets. We provide holistic comprehensive plans and my intention is always to be your lawyer for life.


“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” 

– C.S. Lewis